about me

My name is Hans Boven

Born and raised in the north of Holland, in an environment of farmers, agricultural workers and artists. By chance, I came into contact with the backstage world of the theater when I was 19 years old. Within a few days it was clear: 

I didn't know it existed but this is what I was looking for!

There were no courses for theater technique around 1980, at least not in the Netherlands. The way to develop yourself was by doing it. It soon seemed exciting to me to travel with a production. I was able to do this with the ballet company Introdans. After a period of self-organized internships in LightingDesign in New York and Chicago, 

I ended up at the Ro-theater in Rotterdam.

At “Ro” I was able to further develop myself in the field of lighting technology and design, but also gain experience in the use of special effects, set changes and making the large hall productions ready for on the road.

After this important period I started working as a lighting technician at Toneelgroep Amsterdam (nowadays ITA). 

A few years later I said goodbye to the 'salary employment relations' and I continued as an independent entrepreneur under the company name Bovenlicht.

Bovenlicht provides:

- Lighting design

- Technical production

- Production management